Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Eau Thermale Avene TriAcneal - an advanced, technological skincare product - fades residual marks, anti-acne

Eau Thermale Avene TriAcneal £23 30ml

First and foremost, do not use the following product if you are pregnant. Eau Thermale Avene TriAcneal is a highly potent treatment formulated to prevent blemishes and fade residual marks in adult and adolescent acne prone skin. Described as an adapted dermo-cosmetic - a dermatology-based cosmetic, this advanced skincare is a synergy of three active ingredients - Efectiose, Retinaldehyde and Glycolic Acid. Efectiose is Avene’s patented anti-inflammatory. It mimics the skin’s own naturally occuring anti-inflammatory sugars, it mixes with the skin’s own sebum and reduces the swelling and redness of pimples. Retinaldehyde prevents the thickening of the skin and the formation of spot-provoking blackheads and whiteheads and it is antibacterial. Retinaldehyde is involved also in the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres which fill and refine pores and reduce residual marks or post acne scarring. Glycolic Acid, the third active ingredient, has a mild, non-irritating, exfoliating or skin peeling effect, which ‘decongests’ and smoothes the skin. Glycolic Acid, an Alpha-Hydroxy-Acid or AHA, extracted from natural sources sugarcane, pineapple, cantaloupe melon or grapes, eradicates acne-causing dairy spots and closes open pores, reducing the possibility of further breakouts. This trio of active ingredients forms a very powerful product. The Avene Thermal Spring Water contained in all Avene products is clinically proven to have soothing and anti-irritating dermatological effects on sensitive skin in particular.

I found when I first applied the Eau Thermale Avene TriAcneal my skin tingled sensitively. This indicates the product is working but it is suggested in this case you apply the product less frequently. At first I made the mistake of applying the product to my entire face overnight. It tended to redden areas that are already healthy, smooth and acne-prone free. You should apply Eau Thermale Avene TriAcneal minimally to trouble spots only, oily patches that are congested or areas post acne for effective and efficient results.

The condition of my skin was smoothed and refined from the first application with open pores obviously tightened overnight, the beginning of a very exact and potent, non-drying correcting treatment. Until recently, decongesting beauty treatments containing glycolic acid were available only at beauty salons, an expensive, supervised treatment overseen by skincare specialists. Even at reduced potency, Eau Thermale Avene TriAcneal is a super strength emulsion with long term, clearly visible beneficial effects on the appearance of the skin with improved tone and texture, fewer blemishes and a complexion relieved of after acne residual marks. The residual marks on my skin continue to fade and acne is under control. Eau Thermale Avene TriAcneal is an advanced, technological skincare product. Apply minimally at night after cleansing. Always remove this product in the morning and wear a daytime Sun Protection Factor as Glycolic Acid causes skin sensitivity to sunlight. £23 for 30ml. Available to buy from Boots stores, Boots online and independent pharmacies.