Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Bio-Oil - an expert product

Bio-Oil £8.95 60ml

With its vital skin building ingredients, Bio-Oil is a multi-tasking, in my opinion, wonder product. It is described as specialist skincare for scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone - also known as ‘pigmentation’ (often an after-effect on the skin of beauty treatments), aging skin and dehydrated skin on the face and the body – an agenda set by other oil-based skincare products. A lovely pink fluid, Bio-Oil is a most pleasant beauty product. The scent is of the nourishing natural plant oils it contains - calming lavender at first and then invigorating and mildly antiseptic rosemary, skin cell renewing calendula (or marigold) and chamomile which cares for sensitive skin. This oil is supplemented with Vitamin A for elasticity, tone and skin texture, and moisturizing Vitamin E, two key skincare vitamins. Bio-Oil is non-greasy. It doesn’t accidentally stain your clothing. It contains a breakthrough ingredient Purcellin Oil which reduces the thickness of the oil and ensures more efficient absorption to the second layer of the skin where Bio-Oil performs its various amazing functions in skincare. For it’s entire agenda, see the human body visual accompanying this post below.

Stretch marks are not a result of the skin expanding when we gain weight. Stretch marks happen when the skin surface reduces again. Bio-Oil treats stretch marks and also the sagging skin stretch marks can leave behind. It rehabilitates the skin with its skin building ingredients and it reduces the possibility of stretch marks again. I applied Bio-Oil to vague stretch marks on my upper right thigh and the moisture it provided made them instantly disappear. Proving an incredible efficacy after just two weeks, read details of a Bio-Oil stretch mark study here. It is suggested you use Bio-Oil for a minimum of three months. As a treatment for dehydrated skin on the face, I found Bio-Oil instantly smoothed and adequately moisturized. It is suggested you use your regular daily moisturiser with Bio-Oil for optimum glow. I now gently apply Bio-Oil as often as possible to my throat and neck, especially at night as a rejuvenating treatment. You will find this area needs specialist care. It ages more rapidly because of repeated head movements and all year round exposure to the sun, the most aging factor of all, although Bio-Oil does not contain a Sun Protection Factor. As an overall body moisturiser, it is intensive. I moisturise my stomach in particular and my arms and shoulders especially. And the Bio-Oil effect? In one word, it’s excellent.

Bio-Oil is tested for allergies, it’s preservative-free, suitable for sensitive skin, and is not tested on animals. 60ml £8.95. 125ml £14.95. 200ml £19.95. Available from Boots, Superdrug, Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Morrisons, Savers, and independent pharmacies nationwide. Find more information on Facebook where product users testify to the efficacy of Bio-Oil and its many uses - Bio-Oil is an expert product.

Bio-Oil - a guide

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Makeup by Aaron de Mey/Model Lindsey Wixson

Model Lindsey Wixson Makeup by Aaron de Mey
In the following paragraph, Aaron de Mey describes changing and advancing the technology of makeup through beauty - DC
“It’s about me creating references and a lot of research. It’s about me inspiring the scientists and the laboratories. It’s about me inspiring the whole creativity. My definition of a makeup artist is bringing a sensitivity and a strong sensibility of beauty and femininity, really embracing the woman’s face and me not layering over a mass. It’s about me indulging a woman and taking something from her and being inspired by her…so that’s my job. It’s about creating beautiful textures and very new technologies within makeup and a general overall aesthetic” - Aaron de Mey, Makeup Artist - biography